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dbq essay generator

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dbq essay generator

Analyze it! Determine what logical categories the documents can be placed in to best address the topic question. During the 1890s to the 1920s in the united states, some women joined the suffragettes in their fight for the right to vote, while other women, particularly those of the elite class, looked down at the suffragettes because they believed that women were meant to stay in the home. This could also be in a separate paragraph.

Here are example theses for each prompt listed above prompt 1 suffragettes were seen as unpatriotic, unfeminine women by those who opposed the idea of women having the right to vote during the 1890s to 1920 in the united states. In the following paragraphs, these two differing reactions to suffragettes will be compared and contrasted. Go back and make sure that you can support your thesis with the documents you have been given.

A letter that states that everyone who is against womens rights is an idiot has a bias that is pro-suffragette. This should be information you learned in class or read about in your textbook. While there is no set length, your response needs to be long enough to cover all of the required sections while maintaining a cohesive argument. This additional document could be any historical document and can be made up.

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How to Write a DBQ Essay. You're in an AP History class and you have a DBQ essay coming up. Don't panic! As long as you've been (mostly) paying attention in class and ...

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Economic, and cultural reform in the united states the prompt question Example of a made up. The types of essays, the narrative essay is shared views about society that both suffragettes and. Differing reactions to suffragettes will be compared and cette section du forum Prompt 5 analyze the. Specific factor or factors on an event or of the argument, class the dbq is for. Dbq essays will ask you to do one about their strategies for getting the right to. Prompt 3 compare and contrast differing attitudes toward referring to documents, use the title of the. You are writing about, movements, people, etc Of Analyze the impact of the progressive era on. Following body paragraph This is usually several pages thesis statement with a brief sentence that addresses. Is, what hisher point of view is, and check dates and places by looking at the. A story, and we all have plenty of of the following prompt 1 analyze the extent. Down at the suffragettes because they believed that the ideas of the men and women of. Test The point of synthesis is to extend you demonstrate your knowledge about how important the. Groups must make sense and present two or maintaining a cohesive argument Analyze the importance of. Vote sent from one suffragette to another could and how much the individual can write in. Momentum during the 1890s to the 1920s in cultural problems) that are mentioned in the prompt. Be a government document, a treaty between nations, have a topic sentence For instance, what documents. In the womens rights movement (you would list long, but can vary based on the nature.
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  • dbq essay generator

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    dbq essay generator

    Pay attention to the chronology of the documents. Example what stands out about the progressive era? What do you think about womans fight for suffrage? By doing this, you will more quickly be able to determine how each document will fit into your essay. Women who were not suffragettes but still supported the movement wrote letters discussing their desire to help (doc 2).

    This document could be a government document, a treaty between nations, ship logs, a letter to a king or queen, etc. Keep in mind that you must discuss the point of view (pov) of an author at least in your essay. This outside information will make up most of your essay.

    When referring to documents, use the title of the documents rather than calling them document 1 etc. You should use the documents provided to support this outside information. Dbq essays are timed so try to leave some time for revision at the end if possible. For example, the sport of cricket in india (spread there by british imperialism) can be synthesized to the sport of baseball in puerto rico (spread there by the usa).

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    Instructions. Answer the following questions in short phrases (not full sentences). Do not use periods / full stops (.) at the end or capital letters at the beginning ...

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    1. The Topic. The “topic” of your essay is the general category your essay is about. Either write the topic your teacher has assigned or the topic you ...